Plum Creek’s Moosehead Region Conservation Easement

Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry congratulates Plum Creek Maine Timberlands, L.L.C. for its conclusion of the years-long process of creating the largest Conservation Easement east of the Mississippi River!  At 363,000 acres, it connects an area of more than 2 million acres, stretching from the St. John River Valley to Moosehead Lake to Mount Katahdin, an area roughly the size of Yellowstone National Park.  The easement will be held by the Forest Society of Maine and allows forestry that meets the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, while also guaranteeing public access for traditional recreational uses including hunting, fishing, camping at designated sites, canoeing and cross-country skiing.

Sue Scott, formerly of the firm’s Real Estate Practice Group, with tremendous assistance from Plum Creek staff and the folks at the State of Maine’s Real Estate Tax Division for the Unorganized Territories, created the descriptions and maps and provided the title research and insurance for this project.