Richard N. Bryant

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Richard* has built a diverse legal practice serving businesses and individual clients in the areas of real estate, business, estate planning, labor, and healthcare law.  He began his career as a summer intern at a large Portland firm, eventually earning partnership, before moving to a boutique Portland practice for several decades.  He joined Jensen Baird in 2023.

Richard appreciates the commitment of Jensen Baird’s attorneys and staff to delivering high-quality legal services to a wide variety of clients.  That commitment meshes with his view that lawyers serve clients best by first making the effort to understand the client’s own perspective on their situation, then providing advice that serves the client’s long-term interests as well addressing their current issue.  Such a tailored and flexible approach builds trust and leads to enduring relationships.  He believes that providing exceptional legal advice means more than having a particular legal expertise.  It demands the lawyer also bring to bear common sense, clear-sighted observation, ethical norms, and knowledge drawn from broad experience to address the client’s unique circumstances.

Richard grew up out West in a large family and is a graduate of Reed College (in the other Portland) and University of Michigan Law.  He makes his home in an ancient Cape Elizabeth farmhouse with his wife and daughter, where he spends a good deal of time maintaining the homestead, tending his family’s menagerie of animals, keeping bees, and sharing the joys of Maine life with family and friends.  Sports officiating is his primary avocation, but he enjoys an active outdoor life, travel, and life-long learning.  He also makes time to volunteer for community organizations.

* Given how folks are introduced to him in such different family, work, and social contexts, he has learned to happily answer to (nearly) all variants of “Richard” or “Nicholas”. Use whichever formal or casual moniker you may like.


  • Reed College
  • University of Michigan Law


  • State of Maine


  • Maine State Bar Association
  • Cumberland County Bar Association
  • American Bar Association